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Sample Pages of  "The Orbs of  Salvation" Chapter 2

The Orbs of Salvation Cover

The Orbs of  Salvation Chapter 2

       Looking out into the peaceful beauty of the Nine Kingdoms of the Milky Way. The stars shine brightly and clearer than ever before.

       The sun brings a warmth of comfort to the bitter cold of the realm of the stars.  Even at this distance you can hear the laughter and feel the spirit of happiness. You can even hear music being played as the moral beings celebrate all the blessing from God.

       At the end of the Nine Kingdoms of the Milky Way.  Too far for the eyes to clearly see.  A great rumble echoed through the realm of the stars.  Two great lights with lighting dancing all  around them shoot through  The Nine Kingdoms of the Milky Way.  The two great lights missed all of The Nine Kingdoms of the Milky Way as if a greater power was guiding them out of harm's way.

         Then a great clam field the realm of the stars for a moment.   Then a huge meteor shower brought chaos to The Nine Kingdoms of the  Milky Way.   Destroying there beautiful cities and forests and their precious happiness.  The cries of sorrow echo thought The Nine Kingdoms of the Milky Way.  

         The stars themselves dimmed there light in sympathy for them.  The Nine Kingdoms of the Milky Way lost a great deal of precious treasure. 


"There beloved souls"


       Katerina wakes up crying and trembling in fear from the nightmare that she just lived through.   She got a hold of herself and looked out the window to a beautiful Sunday morning sky.  She thought to herself   "Was this to come?"     She got out of bed in her white silk nightgown. Then she realizes she was holding something in her hand.  She opened her hand and it was The Orb of Light.  She was sure she placed it on its pillow in it's specially protected chamber.

        Was this dream from The Orb of the Light she thought.  She walked to the window out as far as she could see the beauty of the Sunday morning.  It could always take away her worries no matter how great or small.  She got lost in the warmth of the sun as it risen throw the light blue sky.   The green trees and all of the colorful beautiful flowers of the garden shined as they bathed in the sunlight.

          A knock at the door. Had to knock six times before Katerina came back to the world.



     "The Rest of the story Coming Soon."





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