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The Orbs of Light and Dark

Chapter 1

The Orb of the light is the most powerful weapon of good.

The Orb of the dark is the most powerful weapon of evil.

The Orbs seek out the purest of souls of good and evil to wield their great power.

In time as the wielders gains their Orbs trust.

The Orbs reveals to their wielders.

They are only a key to an even greater power.

A power that can shift the balance of power of good and evil.




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The Orbs of Salvation

Chapter 2

In a true sacrifice of good and evil.

The purest light soul shall earn the Orb of the Light's trust.

The purest dark soul shall earn the Orb of the Dark's trust.

At that moment Orb and Wielder shall bond as one.

The true secret mysteries of the universe shall be revealed.

No God that once walked with us nor great power in the universe shall be able to hold back.

"The Truth of Truths."

In the light of that day. The Good and The Evil.

The very universe itself.

Shall be forever.