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"My Books are a Science-Fictional story.  That is easy to read and has supernatural drama, magical powers, mystery, and forbidden romance. 

With "God" himself as an actual character in the story.

But for the love of a good clean story.

They are written for those special people of any age to enjoy."



"All book purchases from this site is a signed copy from myself (Keith Messer). Please make sure you give the right name you want the book to be signed out too."

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The Orbs of Light and Dark





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Book Preview

"The Orbs of Salvation Chapter 2 of The Orbs of Light and Dark.

Coming Soon."



"Hi I am Keith Messer. What's your name friend."

Keith Messer,

Graduated the Culinary Arts program of the University of Tennessee.

He is still trying to living the dream.

Though his homemade cooking show on Youtube. Called Cooking with Keith Messer.

  Keith, Lives in Knox County Kentucky. He has wanted to write ever since he was five years old. He thanks God every day for  allowing him to live he's dreams.

"Without God no dream can be truly lived."


"God in a Science-Fiction Novel.  That how I see my books."

"When writing, God and the Holy Bible into a Science-Fiction Novel. You have to make the fictional world that you are creating to fall in line with the Holy Bible. You cannot make the Holy Bible fall in line with the fictional world."

"Even in the fictional worlds of my books."

"God reigns over all."

Keith Messer  


"You can check out my new cooking show on my YouTube Channel. 

Keith Messer Books"


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For any question, please contact: Keith Messer

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